Words hold her steady in the dizziness of descent.

“Circumstance” was the second place winner of the 2018 Hamden (CT) Arts Commission  Poetry Award, co-sponsored by the Hamden Symphony Orchestra.

The staircase leads down from the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft, The Netherlands.


Lost and Translation

I found these poems sandwiched between the pages of The Hand of the Poet: Poems and Papers in Manuscript, a beautiful volume of drafts and redrafts from poets like Julia Alvarez and Philip Levine, Robert Frost and Allen Ginsberg. At the time, I knew this would be an appropriate place for this little copied and folded mini manuscript. Luckily, I found it again.

The tanka was published years ago in Modern English Tanka, and I can’t remember how my little cricket song was translated into Russian, or how I came across Jefi-Jun’s version. Lost, then found. translation tanka

Moon Birds


For the first assignment in Poetry 205, we listened as students shared a poem they loved or one that inspired, intrigued or interested them in some way. The assignment was to listen and jot down any word or phrase that struck your ear and then write a poem from the fragments. I had  a list of over a hundred phrases from poems and this is the end result:


Moon Birds


any gods
who dare to claim the sky

take sorrow
with open throats

leave chalk white arrows
and nothing more




Sherwood Island

Why do the branches
of love bloom outward? Why do
tramps seek out the
solitude of the forest,
only to be humbled when

companions join in?
The beeches reach out for us;
we bloom in their sights.
My truest love is you who
sways with me with trees as guides.

Atoms for Peace

five +/- (6)

“Atoms for Peace”

graffiti seen

at the Café Mondrian
on the Boulevard
Saint-Germaine, etched
on a coppery bathroom ornament,

some kind of announcement
for all the little deities
who have survived the smashing
and orbited back to the void.


The Absinthe Drinker, Edouard Manet



Atoms for Peace

Iron Skillet


Five lines (+/-), day 4.


Iron skillet

You school me with your trochees and well-oiled forgery
seasoned with elbow grease so that nothing
not the overnighting left overs
not the knife marks
not the hunger
stay for long, the most
anyone could ask
from fire.


skillet lasagna.jpg