For My Thirty-third Forty-fifth Birthday  Four times ten has run around the globe. Along the way she picked up five more: a gull winging to fortune, a wasp buzzing villainy, a blond crested hawk surveying the increments, two mourning doves in flight The companions, with sails blazing, frequent glassy seas, blue-green … Continue Reading Rewriting

ORIGINS: “Lucifer Falls, New York” by Amy Nawrocki

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In today’s ORIGINS, Amy Nawrocki talks about the inspiration for her poem “Lucifer Falls, New York,” which appears in the summer 2013 issue of jmww: Three months before the wedding, my husband and I found my wedding band in a jewelry story in Ocean City, repacked…

Moon Birds

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? For the first assignment in Poetry 205, we listened as students shared a poem they loved or one that inspired, intrigued or interested them in some way. The assignment was to listen and jot down any word or phrase that struck your ear and…