The Perils of Bedtime Reading

With A Brief History of Time occupying the top spot of my pile of bedside books, I’ve had space and time on my mind lately. So, four poems (small input, I know) toward a unified theory of the universe. The Sky’s Version of Truth So what about the laziness of light, taking its sweet old time […]


Perforations acorns spackle a plot of grass, denting the earth with such humble perforations not one is destined to rootand and yet their collective persistence, their uniform, haphazard conglomerating whets the fertile expanse of the damp and formless ground so many puncture wounds— nature’s indeterminate guarantee against finality

Nomad’s End

Morning and evening rains bring the last of the laurel blossoms to rest on a wet, wet earth. In between drops, I wander down to the stream at Nomad’s End and played with the new camera.