Interview with Fox Adoption Magazine

About a year ago, Fox Adoption Magazine published four of my poems, posting one a month for the summer. Of course I was happy to oblige when they asked to interview me. Here’s a teaser:(click the link below for the full interview). Fox Adoption: What sparked your interest in writing and poetry, and how did […]

Fox Adoption Magazine

Fox Adoption Magazine has published two of my poems recently, “The End of Winter” and “How Poetry Differs from Gardening.” Adopt a fox today and check them out on Facebook.


A poem first published in Potato Eaters, published by Finishing Line Press, copyright 2008. Weightless Autumn, the ballet, dances through the speechless trees, resplendent motion uttering no sound. Painted atmospheres tickle a spectator, that flesh colored leaf standing at the center, earthless – a Renaissance bather in a silent film. Beneath the young girl’s feet, […]