Loving the Maybes

“Loving the Maybes” appears in my chapbook Nomad’s End (Finishing Line Press, 2010)

At my home in Connecticut I am able to get out into the world and see possibility despite quarantines and shutdowns. We live at the top of a hill, and one of my routine walks is up and down (about 1/2 mile both ways). A bigger loop brings me around the neighborhood, about 2 miles. We also have a semi-circle driveway with slopes and a sanctuary of laurels, oaks, and a few half-way hidden blueberry bushes. Twenty minutes, about 15 times around, is a mile’s worth of walking, enough time to circle and see what usually goes unnoticed. Repetition and wonder.

I found this little guy on a hard-to-figure out chestnut yearling. I prefer the worm’s philosophy about walking. On my own, I’m just walking in circles.


The Thinker as Poet

Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens

—Martin Heidegger

How like a           whisper the wind
engaging the cup of my ear.

How like a shout       these echoing
passages filter northwest to southeast.

How like a growl      the rustling leaves request
channel from shadows to true


How like a thought      disappearing
into thin air       these pages ruffling beneath
my pen       beneath a passing sun
beneath the loud, enchanting

chimes of Sunday in spring.


This poem appears in Four Blue Eggs, published by Homebound Publications in 2014. Make your purchase of the full collection here.