Late Comers

A poem from Nomad’s End, published by Finishing Line Press, 2010. Amateurs What logic is in the spray of water on our faces as the speed boat takes us to shore in the late September evening. Our crew moves along volcanic wreckage—a cast-iron skillet melted and covering the land with a thick, black sheath. Retracing […]


We had a family of cardinals nesting in a laurel tree right below the deck. After many discussions about the impracticality of their choice, Eric and I did our best to keep quiet and observe from our deck chairs as mom and dad tended to the eggs. When the babies hatched (only two survived–we’re not sure […]

Backwards and Forwards

Happy New Year   After the Ball Drops   Only in winter do you really think about hummingbirds, especially at new year when flying backward and forward and hovering at the mouths of spring flowers is the only way to make it through the snow.