Why We Walk

Byron and Shelley As we trudged along the varied paths of the Highland Way you did not let go to cry, though legs ached with pain and skewed nerves slipped out of place screaming for you to stop. Our last night before we go home, I read Trelawny’s Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley […]

2016 Pangaea Prize Finalists

My villanelle “Returns” was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Pangaea Prize from The Poet’s Billow. Click below to check it out, along with the other winners and finalists. Many thanks to the editors. 2016 Pangaea Prize Finalists  

From Nomad’s End, Finishing Line Press, 2010 Before Your Train Leaves a handful of minutes need to morph into their shape, crust like atoms becoming a molecule and tell a story with thrift. No time to dawdle. Back-story, established by your eyes, advances the plot, though I am more interested with the syllables of touch […]

Companionship and Inspiration

Sing to Me Sing to me, Oh heavenly Muse, Sing of the sea, “wine dark” and full of mysteries; Sing your generous musings into my untamed ears, Guide me to places where islands peek out and crest from the ocean’s swell of waves. Speak to me of sailing, foreign speaking travelers, roads and pathways winding […]