Invitation to Stillness

It’s been over twenty-five years since I wrote these lines: The doctors invited me to be still. Then the X-ray revealed one of van Gogh’s sunflowers dying inside me, just beneath my ribs. Not enough sun, they said, prescribed antibiotics and suggested lemon juice to ease the pain. A few of the remedies worked; stillness […]

34 km from Paris

To celebrate the forthcoming publication of my husband Eric D. Lehman‘s novella Shadows of Paris, I’m posting this poem, not of Paris exactly, but when you read Shadows, you’ll know why this poem makes sense. The characters in his beautifully crafted story also “know something of transformation,” but that’s all I’ll say. You should discover […]


This poem originally appeared in Lune de Miel, published by Finishing Line Press, 2012. Mistral Two battered boots wait near the sloped steps that tilt toward Vincent’s room in Arles. On the back of a wobbly chair hangs a solitary straw hat glimpsing handprints thickly smeared on the doorknob. Curled tubes of cadmium spill the […]