Getting on with it

After the ice storm, it’s good to get back to the living world, back to performing ordinary acts. A Gathering of Sorts As morning curdles its way to noontime, autumn plays its lazy guitar. To join the living world, we make our way to the post office with enough change in hand for three stamps. […]

Winter Work

  Winter Work Snow piles thick like skin of lost pachyderms, the ones filed into burnt tomes of obsolete glossaries. Shovel in hand I plow with fortitude into bellows of white, a knee’s worth, sugary and full of honeycombs. Slopes and muscles meet and I scoop into wicked luminosity, slay lathered pathways and toss the […]


From Four Blue Eggs Please add Homebound Publications to your list of stops for holiday shopping. Winter Sale–25% off! Finish 2015 off with a book in your lap. How to Say Goodbye The eighth month buzzes through lichen days, dry and hot; mud pools sweat from the long-ago decadence of rain and frogs plop like […]

Fox Adoption Magazine

Fox Adoption Magazine has published two of my poems recently, “The End of Winter” and “How Poetry Differs from Gardening.” Adopt a fox today and check them out on Facebook.