Writers in the Housatonic Classroom

Thanks to Peter Everett and all the students from Housatonic Community College for inviting me to speak and sharing their ideas about point of view, perspective and crafting a voice in poetry. Special thanks to my former student James Novoa spending your day off with me and for snapping a few pictures. Videos to come.

Housatonic Community College Writers in the Classroom

I will be the guest author at Housatonic Community College for the Fall 2015 Writers in the Housatonic Classroom series. Tuesday, October 6th @ 12:30 p.m. in Lafayette Hall, A101. All are welcome; The HCC bookstore will be selling copies of Reconnaissance and Four Blue Eggs, and I’ll be signing books and discussing Point of […]

A Great Deal of Company

A wonderful gathering at Nomad’s End put me in the mind of this poem from Four Blue Eggs. Thanks to Ann Nyberg, Eric D. Lehman, Leslie Browning, and Andy Long, Jim Lampos and Michaelle Pearson, John and Denise Surowiecki, Jose Cabrera and Michael Doran. A Great Deal of Company ~from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau […]

New Semester

Four weeks in, I’m wondering if anything is starting to stick. Annotating the texts hasn’t quite led to dirty hands. Maybe tomorrow. You can find the poem in Reconnaissance. Books are required for the course. Buy it. Prototype Bless the first day of class in its confined clutter. Notebooks stacked and piled like sculptures that […]

Back on the Vine

Thanks to Voices of Poetry and Hopkins Vineyard  for hosting “Back on the Vine” poetry reading and music event at the beautiful vineyard in Warren, CT. The wine was great, and the poetry was even better, spoken and sung. Readers included David K. Leff, me, Charlie Bondhus, Melissa Tuckey, with music by Carol Leven and […]

Older? . . . better

Mirror, Mirror She tells me what I want to hear; puckering into the glass, I primp, outlining thin lips with red dye, shading eyes and rouging cheeks. Pretty, she says with coy shine. The heat from my toy gun dryer burns already frail follicles as I smooth sometimes blonde hair into waves. No gray, she […]

Mont Jacques-Cartier

Given the curve of the horizon, here is surprisingly appropriate poem, written more than 20 years ago, which captures our hike up the highest peak in southern Quebec. The World is Round When I close my eyes the grass is parched hair and the sky is old slate, but I am not lonely. This is […]


photo courtesy of The Guardian A silly poem in honor of Pluto. Planethood When mortals pretend to know everything the gods cannot but laugh at silliness. And how we are called the names of bodies– our celestial immortality becomes preserved regardless then of fate. Two schools of thought–one embraces the old notion of nine planets, […]

Four Tankas

The moon’s fingernail scrapes a far away gazer’s thoughts, breaking open her mind, freeing a thousand love songs stoked with lunar dust. East-blowing storms coil above night’s descending horizon. Stars pop from showering brushstrokes across blue lingering breath. I pledge to read each day’s oncoming slaughter as a penniless dark spur opening beneath a cataclysm […]

Red Eft

Love this little guy. More so, I love his epic name: Red Eft. He’s a young red-spotted newt. I found him in the garden while I was weeding. He wandered off and I lost track of him near Buddy, the red cedar sapling who unfortunately hasn’t been doing so well. I hope the little eft […]