The True Weight

West Highland Way, August 2011; a little tough, a little glorious   The True Weight We make a list of all our favorite moments— best hikes, finest meals— skipping over the hard parts—when boots filled with muck and rain froze our hands and spun through the plastic of our water-proof coats, each cursed step you […]

Backwards and Forwards

Happy New Year   After the Ball Drops   Only in winter do you really think about hummingbirds, especially at new year when flying backward and forward and hovering at the mouths of spring flowers is the only way to make it through the snow.  


From Four Blue Eggs Please add Homebound Publications to your list of stops for holiday shopping. Winter Sale–25% off! Finish 2015 off with a book in your lap. How to Say Goodbye The eighth month buzzes through lichen days, dry and hot; mud pools sweat from the long-ago decadence of rain and frogs plop like […]

Monet, Dostoyevsky, and some Lousiana Cypresses

Thanks to Timothy Quirk for recording my reading of “Giverny” for Nutmeg Chatter.   With Voices of Poetry in August, I read “The man sitting next to me is reading The Idiot.”  You can find this and “Giverny” in Reconnaissance.   Thanks to James Novoa for filming me at Housatonic Community College for my Writers […]

Finding Your Inner Alice

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s publication of Alice in Wonderland, the Hamden Public Library has sponsored a number of events this month, including a two-part writing workshop: Finding Your Inner Alice. I am happy to be participating with the 15 other writers in the workshop. Last week we brainstormed and discussed […]

Writers in the Housatonic Classroom

Thanks to Peter Everett and all the students from Housatonic Community College for inviting me to speak and sharing their ideas about point of view, perspective and crafting a voice in poetry. Special thanks to my former student James Novoa spending your day off with me and for snapping a few pictures. Videos to come.

Housatonic Community College Writers in the Classroom

I will be the guest author at Housatonic Community College for the Fall 2015 Writers in the Housatonic Classroom series. Tuesday, October 6th @ 12:30 p.m. in Lafayette Hall, A101. All are welcome; The HCC bookstore will be selling copies of Reconnaissance and Four Blue Eggs, and I’ll be signing books and discussing Point of […]

A Great Deal of Company

A wonderful gathering at Nomad’s End put me in the mind of this poem from Four Blue Eggs. Thanks to Ann Nyberg, Eric D. Lehman, Leslie Browning, and Andy Long, Jim Lampos and Michaelle Pearson, John and Denise Surowiecki, Jose Cabrera and Michael Doran. A Great Deal of Company ~from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau […]

New Semester

Four weeks in, I’m wondering if anything is starting to stick. Annotating the texts hasn’t quite led to dirty hands. Maybe tomorrow. You can find the poem in Reconnaissance. Books are required for the course. Buy it. Prototype Bless the first day of class in its confined clutter. Notebooks stacked and piled like sculptures that […]

Back on the Vine

Thanks to Voices of Poetry and Hopkins Vineyard  for hosting “Back on the Vine” poetry reading and music event at the beautiful vineyard in Warren, CT. The wine was great, and the poetry was even better, spoken and sung. Readers included David K. Leff, me, Charlie Bondhus, Melissa Tuckey, with music by Carol Leven and […]