Lines Composed . . . (Five lines, day 3)

Lines Composed after the Lasagna Dough Has Been Made I get it now—elasticity— the tug and curl of edges against arms and flat surfaces. Forcing the matter. The staying. The giving.

Five lines (day two)

elliptical shifts bequeath February with truant light; shape shifter skies— like lamppost bulbs—following the timed ascent to evening

Five lines

Years ago, when I fell into what is sometimes referred to as “writer’s block,” I found an outlet in haiku, tanka, cinquain, and other short form poems. I made a pledge to myself to write three lines a day, sometimes five. I was able to keep it up for over a year, until the file […]

Just around the corner

With temperatures dipping, snow falling or rain threatening, I have thoughts of spring and dreams of robins and tortoises, bees and rainbows. Please, “Tell me what time the weaver sleeps . . . ” Here is Emily Dickinson Bring me the sunset in a cup, Reckon the morning’s flagons up And say how many Dew, […]

Winter Work

  Winter Work Snow piles thick like skin of lost pachyderms, the ones filed into burnt tomes of obsolete glossaries. Shovel in hand I plow with fortitude into bellows of white, a knee’s worth, sugary and full of honeycombs. Slopes and muscles meet and I scoop into wicked luminosity, slay lathered pathways and toss the […]

Until Nomading Ends

Giving up the shell can be hard, but so worth it. After nomading, we find home. Abandonment Naked, the crab forgets his hermit ways, creeping in the oyster underworld, brushing against minnow fins and ugly red claws, until nomading ends, and a home, spiraled in calcium, appears. A watery cosmos of green awaits the refugee […]

My Better Self

  My good friend Mary Fletcher (in cahoots  with my secret-keeping husband Eric) painted my portrait. It was a Christmas surprise, but also a wonderful celebration of the end of the year, the beginning of the new year, and especially our friendships and love of art. It’s also a never ending birthday gift. As strange […]

The True Weight

West Highland Way, August 2011; a little tough, a little glorious   The True Weight We make a list of all our favorite moments— best hikes, finest meals— skipping over the hard parts—when boots filled with muck and rain froze our hands and spun through the plastic of our water-proof coats, each cursed step you […]

Backwards and Forwards

Happy New Year   After the Ball Drops   Only in winter do you really think about hummingbirds, especially at new year when flying backward and forward and hovering at the mouths of spring flowers is the only way to make it through the snow.  


From Four Blue Eggs Please add Homebound Publications to your list of stops for holiday shopping. Winter Sale–25% off! Finish 2015 off with a book in your lap. How to Say Goodbye The eighth month buzzes through lichen days, dry and hot; mud pools sweat from the long-ago decadence of rain and frogs plop like […]