I’ve been enjoying Ken Burns’ Jazz documentary on demand lately. Here’s “Birdsongs” from Reconnaissance. For Charlie Parker and the wind tunnels where, magically and dangerously, creativity may wait. Birdsongs   Having forgotten what a line looks like on a page, I unwrap a notebook and tune to Charlie Parker. If I Should Lose You, I’ll wait […]


Our class activity today  in my Contemporary Poetry class was to create a blackout poem. I used Howard Nemerov’s poem “On Being Asked for a Peace Poem” (1973) from The 20th Century in Poetry. Happy National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month

April is the month long celebration of poetry. Join me and other poets at these events: Sunday, April 10, 1 p.m. at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, 7 Canal Street, Westerly, Rhode Island Friday, April 15, 7 p.m. at Byrd’s Books, 126 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, Connecticut Saturday, April 23, 2 p.m. at the Minor Memorial Library, […]

From Nomad’s End, Finishing Line Press, 2010 Before Your Train Leaves a handful of minutes need to morph into their shape, crust like atoms becoming a molecule and tell a story with thrift. No time to dawdle. Back-story, established by your eyes, advances the plot, though I am more interested with the syllables of touch […]

Goats and Spiders

Curds and Whey “Blessed are the cheesemakers.” ~Monty Python, Life of Brian Temperatures regulate and acid swirls; curds curdle and tell reluctantly of brown bearded goats chomping grass with pliant teeth and wandering eyes. Far off in a kitchen. the maker, with her chewed apron and dangling cross waits sourly for the spider.

Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor rocks: amalgam of minerals condensed space, boulders of infinity and pebble-like acuteness temple builders misbehaving polygons companion of trees; envious of light eaters, their spiraling wood centers and the green perplexity of veins the philosopher’s hourglass kinesthetic anchors between the sphere’s smooth, unfinished edges and the jagged catastrophe of no ending havens of […]

Class Notes

5 lines x 7 Elsie, The Roller of Big Cigars, and the Grasshopper so much depends upon the maker’s rage to order words of the sea will never wholly kiss you— Wholly ordered: rage to kiss words

Atoms for Peace

five +/- (6) “Atoms for Peace” graffiti seen at the Café Mondrian on the Boulevard Saint-Germaine, etched on a coppery bathroom ornament, some kind of announcement for all the little deities who have survived the smashing and orbited back to the void. The Absinthe Drinker, Edouard Manet   Atoms for Peace

Heads or Tales

5 lines, day 5   I pledge to read each day’s oncoming slaughter as a penniless dark spur opening beneath a cataclysm of daisies

Iron Skillet

  Five lines (+/-), day 4.   Iron skillet You school me with your trochees and well-oiled forgery seasoned with elbow grease so that nothing not the overnighting left overs not the knife marks not the hunger stay for long, the most anyone could ask from fire.