2016 Pangaea Prize Finalists

My villanelle “Returns” was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Pangaea Prize from The Poet’s Billow. Click below to check it out, along with the other winners and finalists. Many thanks to the editors. 2016 Pangaea Prize Finalists  

The Beauty of Faces

Babci’s recipe, mom’s hands, Amy’s poems.   Babka I eat the bread with raisins and some butter remembering how I first learned to knead it. My mother’s hands would shape the bread in careful mounds, the counter floured in a dusting, light as graying memory. I mix the dough with raisins and some sugar moving […]

The Wayfarer

Check out the Autumn issue of the Wayfarer. New England writers are featured, and you’ll find two of my villanelles as well as an essay by Eric D. Lehman. Click the cover to pre-order your copy. While you’re there, order your copy of Four Blue Eggs from the bookstore.