Lost and Found Photographs

A few months ago, a friend, who had purchased my childhood home after my father died, dropped off a few things left behind. Included in the pile were both my parents old yearbooks and an unmarked photo album that belonged to my Uncle Stanley. Among the shots of navy men and exotic places was this shot of a fisherman. I’m guessing it’s Hawaii, but I don’t know for sure. fisherman scans 001

A poem that I wrote with the photo in mind will appear in a forthcoming collection. Look for it soon!

2 Replies to “Lost and Found Photographs”

  1. Amazing picture! My company and I would like to inquire about publishing rights for this image. We are a Native Hawaiian Organization and are always looking for high res images to use on our webpage, presentations, etc. Please let us know if you are willing to grant us permission. Mahalo!

    1. Dear Jason,

      I cannot confirm that the photograph is from Hawaii. It maybe a stock photo or tourist postcard. It is from an album of photographs that I believe were taken by my uncle, Stanley Nawrocki, during WWII? He was in the navy. That’s all I know about the photograph. If you find it useful (or know more about it) then you have my permission.

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