Lucifer Falls, New York

You can read my commentary about my poem “Lucifer Falls, New York” on the JMWW blog. JMWW published the poem in their summer 2013 issue.

The poem appears in Four Blue Eggs.

Lucifer Falls, New York

Like war planes, a crowd

of raptors scull through the blank

and cloudless sky. One

after another, they stream

over the open paddock

of midsummer green, advance

toward a still and speechless

line of trees. Their portents

reach the forest’s door; needles

of pine brace between hard clay

and treachery. The bone black jaw

of a red-bellied snake ruins

a toad’s last chance for escape.

He is in the middle of it now,

like the fawn whose femur lay

furloughed in the gorge,

trespassing on the slick ink

of river-smoothed black rocks.

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