ORIGINS: “Lucifer Falls, New York” by Amy Nawrocki

Snow days always make me nostalgic, and stumbling on this “origin story” about a distant summer makes me long (strangely enough) for the waterfall and gorges and the snakes of summer. This is from JMWW Literary Journal’s blog, July 2013


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIn today’s ORIGINS, Amy Nawrocki talks about the inspiration for her poem “Lucifer Falls, New York,” which appears in the summer 2013 issue of jmww:

Three months before the wedding, my husband and I found my wedding band in a jewelry story in Ocean City, repacked the car and headed north to the Finger Lakes of New York state, country of Riesling and pungent artisanal cheeses.  The campsite was crowded, bright and hot, but at night we roasted corn on the cob, popped toasted marshmallows with raspberries into our mouths and sipped on cream sherry. Eric and I are avid hikers, so in between wine tasting and lake cruises, we strapped on the boots and took to the gorges and waterfalls outside Ithaca.

The hike took us in and out of pine forests, to the top of the falls, a look out to the valley below. Though elsewhere the…

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