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Purchase Signed Copies–Special Price!

Summer Discount! To celebrate the launch of the 2nd editions of Reconnaissance and Four Blue Eggs, I’m offering a special price for first editions.

To purchase personalized, signed copies of any of my titles, click the Buy Now button and enter the title (in the box for “description”) then enter the specific price. Be sure to enter a message to me about how you want the book to be personalized. Double-check your mailing address and I’ll confirm when your order has been received.

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Titles and Price list:

Reconnaissance_cov Reconnaissance: $15.00--Summer Discount!–no shipping!

Four_Blue_eggs_cover Four Blue Eggs: $15.00–Summer Discount!–no shipping!

To purchase 2nd editions (with new covers) please visit the Homebound Publications bookstore or your favorite Indie bookstore.

Literary Connecticut cover Literary Connecticut: $10.00 (SPECIAL PRICE)

nawrocki COV Potato Eaters: $10.00

nawrocki cov Nomad’s End: $10.00

lune de miel cover Lune de Miel: $10.00 SOLD OUT



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