DSC_0480 (3)

Dodeca Hexahedron with Blood Orange, Amy Nawrocki, Origami paper and rubber cement.

The sculpture is sixteen triangular hexahedrons glued together created a twenty-four sided sculpture, inspired by the geometric insight and modularity of artists like of Sol LeWitt, Alexander Calder, and others. “Dodeca Hexahedron” is a guess. Soccerball was the alternate.

Here’s a poem from Reconnaissance (2015 Homebound Publications), inspired by LeWitt’s work.

Distilling Sol Lewitt

Obliterate, says the line,

the curve of the horizon; resist

tremors of an inexact hand;

tap into the statuesque control

of an oblique axis, lingering

in the infinite advance; find proof

of existence between the abscissa

and the ordinate, between Euclid

and Descartes, between an arrow

and its trajectory.

Four Sided Pyramid Sol Lewitt

Sol LeWitt, Four Sided Pyramid, concrete blocks and mortar, National Gallery of Art

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