Poems for Snow and Spring

I can’t believe it’s already day 12 with Tupelo Press and my 30/30 project. Have you been keeping up with all 96 poems? That’s 96 poems (8 poets for March x 12 days, so far. . . ) and more to come. Follow us into spring. Tomorrow promises more snow. Find the poems inspired by these […]

Proof of Existence

Distilling Sol Lewitt Obliterate, says the line curve the horizon, resist tremors of an inexact hand tap into the statuesque control of an oblique axis, linger in the infinite advance; find proof of existence between the abscissa and the ordinate, between Euclid and Descartes, between an arrow and its trajectory. Sol Lewitt’s work is on permanent […]


Dodeca Hexahedron with Blood Orange, Amy Nawrocki, Origami paper and rubber cement. The sculpture is sixteen triangular hexahedrons glued together created a twenty-four sided sculpture, inspired by the geometric insight and modularity of artists like of Sol LeWitt, Alexander Calder, and others. “Dodeca Hexahedron” is a guess. Soccerball was the alternate. Here’s a poem from […]