Gratitude   If we could have read the moon’s face through the falling snow that night we drove into its absent shadow, it would have told us that the cold sometimes melts things, too. The train station, under hazy yellow lights, fills with travelers arriving for Christmas. We drive home with our father, a faint […]

Book Club

Here is an invitation to the books you are about to order: “Book Club”  appears in Four Blue Eggs, which is now conveniently available directly from me. Find the “Buy Now” on the “Purchase Signed Copies” menu tab. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and make your purchase (through PayPal) today. I’ll […]

“It would be easier . . . “

Here’s a poem that appeared in Reconnaissance, published by Homebound Publications in 2015. Long Shot A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.      ~Eudora Welty The dilemma is not about choosing between architecture or faces, panorama or close-up, indirect light or flash but between the print’s future frame and the quiet immobility […]

The Beauty of Faces

Babci’s recipe, mom’s hands, Amy’s poems.   Babka I eat the bread with raisins and some butter remembering how I first learned to knead it. My mother’s hands would shape the bread in careful mounds, the counter floured in a dusting, light as graying memory. I mix the dough with raisins and some sugar moving […]


From Four Blue Eggs, published by Homebound Publications. Celebrate 5 years independent publishing, order your copy today, and give it to your mom. On My Mother’s Seventy-third Birthday The hike is pleasant; the trail markers are new, ferns and mountain laurel bloom along the path. A soft whispering breeze says something about remembrances and a flimsy […]


The Thinker as Poet Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens —Martin Heidegger How like a           whisper the wind engaging the cup of my ear. How like a shout       these echoing passages filter northwest to southeast. How like a growl      the rustling leaves request channel from shadows to true […]

The True Weight

West Highland Way, August 2011; a little tough, a little glorious   The True Weight We make a list of all our favorite moments— best hikes, finest meals— skipping over the hard parts—when boots filled with muck and rain froze our hands and spun through the plastic of our water-proof coats, each cursed step you […]


From Four Blue Eggs Please add Homebound Publications to your list of stops for holiday shopping. Winter Sale–25% off! Finish 2015 off with a book in your lap. How to Say Goodbye The eighth month buzzes through lichen days, dry and hot; mud pools sweat from the long-ago decadence of rain and frogs plop like […]

Monet, Dostoyevsky, and some Lousiana Cypresses

Thanks to Timothy Quirk for recording my reading of “Giverny” for Nutmeg Chatter.   With Voices of Poetry in August, I read “The man sitting next to me is reading The Idiot.”  You can find this and “Giverny” in Reconnaissance.   Thanks to James Novoa for filming me at Housatonic Community College for my Writers […]

Happy Birthday

This poem was originally published in Four Blue Eggs, which is available from Homebound Publications (ON SALE) as well as on Amazon (paperback or e-book ON SALE!). Please consider purchasing a copy or downloading it for your Kindle or Nook and enjoying the poems on a summer day. In these transitional weeks between mother’s day […]