New Year’s Eve

  truant clocks shapeshift like lamppost bulbs—following time’s ascent: evening


  The moon’s fingernail scrapes a far away gazer’s thoughts, breaking open her mind, freeing a thousand love songs stoked with lunar dust.  


  hold a horizon lengthwise, like a pencil, like a white pine sapling    

Lost and Translation

I found these poems sandwiched between the pages of The Hand of the Poet: Poems and Papers in Manuscript, a beautiful volume of drafts and redrafts from poets like Julia Alvarez and Philip Levine, Robert Frost and Allen Ginsberg. At the time, I knew this would be an appropriate place for this little copied and […]


As the year winds down, I’m looking forward next year’s release of The Comet’s Tail: A Memoir of No Memory. This will be one of two essays released by Little Bound Books, a division of Homebound Publications. Kirkus calls it “a complex and compelling memoir.” Read the full review here. As an enticement (Homebound is […]

Postmark Unknown

  Poem Found in the Pages of Roget’s Thesaurus between Celestial and Cerulean ~postmark unknown Last night I saw for the first time in a while blossoms of white against the wide ebony sky— reminding me of the lengths and light years, the infinite latitude of all this space. And yet driving into this elongation […]

The Perils of Bedtime Reading

With A Brief History of Time occupying the top spot of my pile of bedside books, I’ve had space and time on my mind lately. So, four poems (small input, I know) toward a unified theory of the universe. The Sky’s Version of Truth So what about the laziness of light, taking its sweet old time […]

Moon Birds

Originally posted on Amy Nawrocki:
? For the first assignment in Poetry 205, we listened as students shared a poem they loved or one that inspired, intrigued or interested them in some way. The assignment was to listen and jot down any word or phrase that struck your ear and then write a poem from…

First Day of Class

Prototype Bless the first day of class with its confined clutter. Notebooks stacked and piled like sculptures that say to the first lesson, I am ready for you to feed me. Catapult us into the realms of academia. Picture chimpanzees swallowing pineapple-white sheets in open cages. Get your hands dirty, I tell them, love the […]

Proof of Existence

Distilling Sol Lewitt Obliterate, says the line curve the horizon, resist tremors of an inexact hand tap into the statuesque control of an oblique axis, linger in the infinite advance; find proof of existence between the abscissa and the ordinate, between Euclid and Descartes, between an arrow and its trajectory. Sol Lewitt’s work is on permanent […]